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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Beginning Your Next Advertising Campaign

(I wrote this article for D4 Creative Group. Full article posted on

It's January again.

And chances are great that you have either already survived the annual marathon of budget-planning sessions or you are currently learning the grim reality of how you are yet again going to achieve "more with less."

Since your "Higher-Ups" are extremely penny-wise these days, you won’t be surprised when they ask how your marketing 'mumbo-jumbo' impacts their bottom line. After all, you can count on the fact, every campaign you are about to undertake must clearly demonstrate an actual return-on-investment – albeit through a database of newly acquired leads, or a method for cross-selling or up-selling to existing customers.

So even if you already have a seemingly bulletproof program in place, how can you increase the likelihood that your program will not fall short?

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