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Having Many Facebook Friends Does Not Guarantee Engagement

Let me start off by saying that having many friends on Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn is important. I am on all three of these sites and use them very actively for different reasons. When you have an audience, chances are greater that your message will be heard.

The problem with this philosophy is also that without properly considering your audience and hand-selecting who you are engaging with, you may also be wasting your resources - let me explain.

Say you work for a retail establishment. Your primary focus is bringing customers in-store to make a purchase. The website may only be a supporting agent to this objective.

By performing a social outreach campaign you attempt to reach out to anyone that will listen. By the end of your endeavors you may even have a formidible friend list.

Yet when looking at your analytic data you see less than 1% are converting. In looking back you may have even targeted the proper demographic audience. In this particular instance, if you did not geo-target this campaign you are likely wasting your energy.

Of course this is an example and it seems so plainly obvious. Yet why are many marketers still considering a successful campaign by have 1,000+ friends on Facebook or Twitter when an extremely miniscule amount of in-store traffic is resulting from these efforts?

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