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3 Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Long-Term SEO Goals

(I wrote this article for D4 Creative Group. Full article posted on

Everyone wants their website to rank well within the search engines. Yet, not everyone knows how to launch an effective program targeting the users within search engines.

Maybe this is why so many marketers jump to invest the bulk of their budgets into paid search campaigns without considering additional options for organic placement.

This is not to say that paid search efforts are not a necessary component within an effective marketing plan – because they typically are – instead it's simply to say that organic efforts are often neglected because they are deemed too hard to control and the results are not immediate.

While there are certainly guidelines and 'best practices' employed within all balanced search engine marketing programs, there are no magic tricks or secret recipes to ensure that your website ranks well. However, every business is different. Managing SEO is an evolving process that can take even the best marketers a few weeks (if not months) to perfect a strategy based on your goals and budget....

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