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5 Ways to Encourage CRM adoption amongst your Sales Teams

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These days I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a company out there that does not recognize the importance of lead generation. After all, even the most successful companies need to continually ensure that the pipeline is full.

So it's still surprising to me that many organizations have individuals within the sales function that don't rely on using CRM for their day-to-day job function. Typically, this is not to say that a company hasn't invested in a CRM, but instead that select teams do not use the tool or understand its merits.

I truly don't believe that your Sales team is being indigent about not using the tool. They simply don't see its value. When within Sales, your life tends to be somewhat nomadic; racing from one meeting to the next to close the next big deal. Many within sales see using a CRM as one more chore or a distraction from their primary objective – to close.

Over the years, I've heard of a number of coercion tactics utilized in an attempt to enforce usage of CRM: withholding commissions, not providing credit for the sale; even the threat of termination.

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