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Segmenting social media traffic using Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) allows the ability to segment traffic rather easily using their new "Advanced Segments" tool (currently in Beta). Log into your GA account and on the lower left portion of the side nav, notice "Advanced Segments". It's small text and if you blinked you may have missed it.

After you click on the link you will come to a landing page with some common, pre-determined traffic segments. For the purposes of this post, disregard these and click "Create new custom segment" located on the top right-portion of the screen.

Now you will see a tool that I can best describe as a visual boolean operator tool. This tool allows you to create custom reports using a series of dimensions and metrics combined with various and/or statements.

For the purposes of this post, click on "dimensions" > "traffic sources". Now click and drag "source" into the first "dimension or metric" area to the right.

If performed correctly you will now see a condition drop down menu and a value text input field. Click within the condition drop down and choose "contains". Within the value text field, type in "" it may even auto-populate for you. You can then click "test segment" to ensure this segmentation worked correctly.

Assuming all worked as planned, name and save your traffic segment so that you can analyze it later. I named mine "Facebook Visitor Segment". Now repeat this process using any additional domains that you wish to monitor (Twitter, MySpace, etc).

To view this report go back to your main dashboard. Click on "Traffic Sources", choose the date range that you would like to analyze this data. Above the right-hand side date range selector you should see a drop down menu that says "Advanced Segments". Select this. Once expanded, you will see your newly created custom segment within the options. Select the segment you wish to analyze. You can additionally compare this custom segment to other data sources.

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