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Graphing Social Patterns

Graphing Social Patterns ConferenceI just returned from DC where I attended the Graphing Social Patterns conference. Keynote presentations included representatives from Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Bebo, & of course Google.

I must say that I went to this conference with no expectations. The CEO of Lorel joined me on Tuesday. In many regards I hoped there would be a good deal that he could take away from this conference. However at the same time I hoped that it would NOT be too introductory for me. For the most part I was rather pleased.

The first day of the conferences focused primarily on the business case for social media, the importance of widgets as well as general tactics in viral marketing. At night there was even an app nite focusing on demos of various developers.

Day two was extremely developer centric, focusing on "what's under the hood" of many of our favorite social media apps.

All in all, I was pleased with the conference, I learned a fair bit and networked like a mad man. My only minor criticism would be creating a business case for focusing social media based on different age demographics. We all know that the 15-35 crowd is a sponge, focusing on all forms of social media. However how do us marketing types reach older skewing age demographics? Our options are clearly limited as age skews.

Secondly and equally as important, I still question whether the long tail of social media will actually even exist within Facebook and MySpace? The concept itself has certainly become more main stream. Look at for example with it's Facebook feeds and iReport capabilities. Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay.

For what it's worth, should Dave McClure and gang put on another show next year I will likely be there.

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